City administrator's home destroyed in fire

Larry and Shelley Bonnett's house will have to be completely replaced after an electrical fire Thursday morning. Upper right: Only one of the Bonnetts' two cats survived the fire. This cat suffered minor burns and singed fur.

By Luke Hegdal

Staff writer

STANFIELD — An electrical fire broke out at the home of Stanfield's city administrator early Friday morning.

Officials told Shelley and Larry Bonnett that one of their bedroom outlets was to blame for the fire.

"We were asleep in the front bedroom," said Stanfield City Administrator Shelley Bonnett. "We were getting ready to go to Palm Springs."

According to Bonnett, her husband woke up at five in the morning to a house full of smoke. The couple rushed outside and called 911.

"The whole room was full of smoke," said Bonnett. "You couldn't breathe in there."

Bonnett said the fire crew told them that if they had slept 10 minutes longer, they would have died from smoke inhalation.

"I encourage everyone to put in more smoke detectors," said Bonnett. "Ours didn't go off until we were already out of the house."

Almost none of the Bonnett's possessions survived the fire, and they lost all their clothing and memorabilia. One of the Bonnett's cats also died in the fire.

The cat had survived a previous ordeal 14 years ago when it had been thrown from a car passing the Bonnett's property, and had been with the couple ever since. Their other cat was mildly singed.

"I've had better days," said Bonnett.

In an effort to help the couple, several of Bonnett's co-workers have set up a donation account with Banner Bank. Anyone can donate to the Larry and Shelley Bonnett Donation Account at one of the Banner Bank branches.

"We'll have to get a new house," Bonnett said. "And I'll be doing a lot of shopping."

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