EDITOR’S NOTE:?The following is from a story printed in the Nov. 28, 1963, edition of the Hermiston Herald regarding the Kennedy assassination:

Final religious and military rites honoring the late President John F. Kennedy were conducted in the West End area over the national four-day mourning period, and complete public and private observance was offered Monday by local citizens and firms.

Several scheduled events were postponed until after the four-day mourning period which ended Monday. Flags were flown at half-mast on public buildings and residences from the first word of President Kennedy’s death Friday, and flags were at half-mast on downtown streets of West End communities during Monday’s funeral.

West End reserve and National Guard units, veterans organizations and auxiliaries joined in a memorial service at the Happy Canyon arena in Pendleton Monday morning. Umatilla Army Depot closed down all but essential services, according to commanding officer Col. John P. Sherden.

West End Catholic churches conducted requiem masses and other special religious services throughout the weekend, Father Riordan reported. The Hermiston Ministerial Association held joint memorial services Friday at 7 p.m. at the First Christian Church, according to Rev. Chandler Jackson, association vice-president.

Solemn Requiem High Mass was observed Saturday and Monday mornings and Requiem Mass was held Friday evening and Sunday morning at Our Lady of Angels Church in Hermiston. A rosary was said Sunday evening.

Requiem Masses were held Sunday at Echo, Boardman and Umatilla.

All public schools were closed Monday in Hermiston by proclamation of Mayor Walter Pearson, except for those with perishable goods such as grocery stores and restaurants which closed until noon. All federal, state, county and city offices were closed. Local radio and television stations carried only non-commercial news and music programs for four days.

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