Sarajane Gutierrez

Sarajane Gutierrez started the Rebellious Rose online boutique in Hermiston in 2019.

A Hermiston-based business was named Oregon Boutique of the Year by The Boutique Hub, an online community of boutiques around the world.

Rebellious Rose, started by Sarajane Gutierrez of Hermiston in August 2019, is an online boutique that occasionally offers pop-up locations at area events. The boutique won Oregon Boutique of the Year based on online voting by shoppers, according to a news release from The Boutique Hub.

Gutierrez said she spent five years with the direct sales company LuLaRoe before deciding a year ago to break out on her own with an online boutique that has its own app. She said she sources her clothing from vendors “all over.”

“I just do a lot of things I think are cute,” she said. “I do a lot of graphic tees.”

While she does ship clothing all over the United States, she estimated about two-thirds of her customers are located in the Hermiston area. She offers pick-up service from her home if people prefer that over getting the item in the mail.

She said she felt “beyond honored” by the support from customers who voted for her as their favorite Oregon boutique.

Ashley Anderson, CEO of The Boutique Hub, said in a news release that while big box retail stores are struggling right now, boutiques are seeing more success.

“In a time when consumers are choosing experiences over things, and having quality service over finding another piece of fast fashion off the shelf, boutique retailers have found a niche market serving people in a way that goes far beyond trend or price,” she said. “It’s a lifestyle.”

For more information about Rebellious Rose, visit

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