Cottage Flowers

A “for lease” sign sits out front of Cottage Flowers, which is closing its doors in Hermiston after 32 years.

Cottage Flowers announced last week that they are closing their doors after 32 years in business.

The Hermiston floral shop, owned and operated by the Ego and Spoo extended families, announced the closure in a long Facebook post, noting the decision “has been in the works for some time and is not, in any way, the result of the current pandemic.”

“As a family, we are ready for retirement and the next chapter ahead,” they wrote.

The store ended its floral services with Mother’s Day weekend, but they plan to open their doors one last time sometime in the future to hold a final sale of their retail inventory. The other businesses in the Cottage Plaza, where the shop is located at 1725 N. First St., will remain open.

The business started out on Main Street, according to the post, before moving to the Hermiston Plaza and finally to its current location, which once served as Hermiston’s armory.

“Over time, we have seen so many trends and styles come and go, but this community’s support of our small business always remained steadfast,” the family wrote. “Owning this business for so long means we have had the privilege of having a role in helping people in our community commemorate and celebrate so many life moments and milestones. From new babies, sweet sixteens, get well soons and high school proms to graduations, holidays, job promotions, weddings and funerals, we have been a part of it all.”

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