Barnett & Moro

Machines move dirt around the lot at the corner of Highway 395 and Southeast Fourth Street in Hermiston that will be home to a new office building for Barnett & Moro.

Construction is underway for a new office building for Barnett & Moro.

The new offices will be located at the corner of Highway 395 and Southeast Fourth Street in Hermiston, across the highway from Safeway.

Owner Dennis Barnett said the new, larger space will give the firm room to continue its growth.

“The building we’re in now is a little tight for us,” he said.

Barnett & Moro currently has 14 accountants on staff, and Barnett said it will need to grow 16 or 17 in the next year and a half.

The original firm began in the 1950s, and was purchased Barnett and Jerry Moro in 1984. They built their current offices — located at 495 E. Main St. — the next year.

The site of the new firm has high traffic visibility, but Barnett said it sat vacant for so long in part because of some site access issues that the firm has been able to solve. He said the building under construction will be a “beautiful brick building,” and on the triangular portion of the property where Fourth Street and 395 connect at an angle, they plan to build a plaza of flags.

“We’re going to be building a plaza there that we think will be very presentable for the community,” he said.

Construction is expected to finish about Sept. 1, 2021, Barnett said.

Barnett & Moro’s certified public accountants provide services that include personal tax assistance, business financial services and auditing.

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