Northeast Oregon Farm Estate

Northeast Oregon Farm Estate Portfolio located near Echo.

A total of 21,000 acres of land, extending 10 miles from Alkali Canyon to Umatilla River Basin near Echo, is now up for auction.

The property, sold by the Estate of H. Richard Snow and Shirley Snow, includes rangeland, pivot irrigated and dry cropland and residential plots. John Rosenthal, president and principal broker for Realty Marketing/Northwest, said a third of the property is dry cropland, which is used for wheat.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in [the property] just because of the size of it,” Rosenthal said. “It’s one of the largest contiguous blocks of land that’s probably been on the market for some time that’s both farmland and rangeland.”

The Bulk Published Reserve for the full property is $8,495,000 or $375 per acre, with an option to place bids on seven separate properties that comprise the land portfolio. Bids also can be submitted on two parcels, one containing 16,187 acres and the other 4,816. Other properties include a 149-acre pivot irrigation tract containing grain silos and feedlot and a 2.8-acre Umatilla River tract. Residential properties up for bid include two parcels located within the city of Echo and two residential lots.

Sealed bids for the property are due by Friday, July 10. For more information or to receive a bid packet, contact the Auction Information Office at 800-845-3524 or

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