Business spotlight: Defining Details

<p>Defining Details owner Shannon Snyder shows some of the greeting cards at her stationery and gift store and photography studio at 296 E. Main St., Hermiston.</p>

Portrait photographer also sells gifts and stationery

An interview with Shannon Snyder, Defining Details, By Sean Hart

For 10 years, Shannon Snyder has designed announcements and shot portrait photographs from home, but in April she opened a studio and store in downtown Hermiston.

With the new location, she added a stationery, gift and party supply store to her offerings.

“It has picked up my photography business having a physical location, and people are learning, slowly but surely, I have a stationery store,” she said.

1. Number of employees: Herself.

2. Services and products offered: Portrait photography and announcement design, along with stationery, gifts, home decor and party supplies.

“All of my products are unique to the area and are usually designed by small designers,” Snyder said.

3. Busiest time of year: Between September and December for family photography and high school senior portraits.

4. Most popular items: Greeting cards and family portraits, especially family mini-sessions in October.

5. Biggest challenges: “My biggest challenge is getting people down to Main Street to know that I’m here,” she said.

6. Biggest success: “I’m proud of the fact I get a good response from people that come in,” she said, adding customers are happy to see a new business in downtown.

8. What are your future plans?: Adding more stationery and party decor.

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