Bessie A. Weller died at the age of 83 at South Lyon Long Term Care facility on April 3, 2007, in Yerington, Nev.

Bessie and Bill Weller moved to Umatilla from Butte, Mont., in 1962. In 1966, the couple purchased and renovated Little's Motel on Main Street, which Bessie later dubbed The Rest-A-Bit. In 1982 the couple sold the Rest-A-Bit and purchased a home in Umatilla, where they resided for the next three years. In 1990 the Wellers purchased another home and moved to Irrigon, living there until 1990. In 1994 the couple moved to Yerington, Nev., in order to be closer to their two sons.

From 1982 until 1990, Bessie worked in the packaging department at Gourmet Foods French fry plant in Boardman. Bessie enjoyed gardening and cooking, and those who know her well would say that above all else, she enjoyed working.

She is preceded in death by her youngest son, Ronald A. Weller of Yerington, Nev. Bessie is survived by her husband, William H. Weller, now of Hermiston; daughter, Bessie M. (Buggs) Hanni, of Showlow, Ariz.; son, Harold M. (Boots) Weller of Opportunity, Mont.; daughter, Karla K. Stuck of Umatilla; daughter, Vicki N. Englander of Umatilla; daughter, Lezlee S. Gunsolley of Hermiston; brothers, Merle P. Jewett of Hermiston, and Darrel R. Jewett of Portland; 23 grandchildren; 25 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.

Memorial services will be held on Friday, April 13 at the Baptist Church, 106 Columbia St. in McNary at 1 p.m. A reception will follow at 2 p.m. at the Stanfield Moose Lodge.

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