Annual Family Health and Fitness Day axed

<p>Kendall Kiddy, 11, completes an exercise as part of the Virtual Dementia Tour during the Family Health and Fitness Day in September at Hermiston High School. Good Shepherd’s Healthy Communities Coalition announced this week it will no longer host the event.</p>

Unless another group or organization volunteers to head the event, Good Shepherd Medical Center’s annual Family Health and Fitness Day will no longer continue.

Juli Gregory, director of education at Good Shepherd Medical Center, made the announcement Wednesday during the regular Community Health Coalition meeting.

“Someone else is welcome to take the event and do it, but it is a huge event,” she said. “It is a lot to put on. A lot of people in this room worked really, really hard, and I appreciate that more than I could ever express. It is just so big.”

Gregory said it has always been difficult getting volunteers for the event, which makes the set-up and take-down very challenging. She said every year, organizers did most of the set up for all the booths, tables and chairs.

“That is always a huge challenge,” she said.

The Healthy Communities Coalition at Good Shepherd has hosted the event for the past five years. It featured a multitude of free health screenings, children’s health activities, a bike ride and more.

Throughout the last several years, the event has attracted thousands of people from all over the region. This year alone, approximately 2,500 people attended the event.

“It is a great event,” Gregory said. “We went out on a high.”

Gregory said the hospital is, however, working on a smaller event that will focus more on the health-related promotions that have the biggest impact on community members, including health screenings.

“We are taking some of the parts that we feel ... help the community the most and scaling those down and having a different event,” she said. “It will still be family oriented, but it will be something to (bring us) back to our roots. That is the plan right now.”

She said the new, smaller event will take place at the Hermiston Conference Center, hopefully on a Saturday in May of 2014.

“We really hope that everyone will want to be a part of the smaller version (that will) focus on some of the things that will have the biggest impact on the community,”?Gregory said.

Gregory said one of the advantages of having it at the conference center is the building staff will be responsible for setting up all of the booths, tables and more. She said organizers can utilize the side rooms in the building for private screenings.

“We will call it something different,” she said. “We don’t want people to come expecting the same event by calling it Family Health and Fitness day. It will be a little bit different.”

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