Diego Andrade will very likely spend the rest of his life in prison after he was sentenced to a 56-year term Wednesday with no possibility of parole or early release.

The 50-year-old Andrade was convicted in Umatilla Circuit Court of multiple counts of rape, sodomy and sex abuse in late July.

Andrade has 30 days to appeal the sentence.

According to testimony given during the trial, Andrade abused his wife both physically and sexually over a several month period. He also threatened his wife by claiming she would be sent back to Mexico without her children if she told police about the abuse.

"The sentence is extreme given your age," said Judge Daniel Hill during the sentencing, pointing out because many of the counts fall under Measure 11 rules, the court had no discretion in sentencing.

Prior to sentencing, defense councilor Tom Gray, Andrade's attorney, argued the multiple sentences should be served concurrently, Gray argued they were all part of the same crime.

"Our argument would be the jury didn't find these were separate, individual incidents," Gray said.

Gray also pointed out that Andrade, a naturalized U.S. citizen has no criminal record prior to his conviction, either in Mexico or the United States.

Deputy District Attorney Richard Bunney argued, however, because the multiple rapes and sexual assaults took place different times over several years, the sentences should be served consecutively.

"It was very clear throughout the trial," Bunney said. "The defendant is a serial rapist. He's also a serial wife abuser. He put his wife through hell."

Bunney described how Andrade's wife testified that she had to barricade herself in different rooms in the couple's house to keep her husband away from her.

"The defendant demonstrated he believes himself to be above the law," Bunney told the court. "He refuses to be rehabilitated simply because he refuses to take accountability for his actions. The defendant has earned the most fearful punishment this court can lawfully give him."

Andrade's wife did not make a statement during sentencing. Andrade maintained his innocence before the court.

"First of all," Andrade said, addressing the court through an interpreter. "I have never forced anyone to do anything. I never raped anyone. God knows that is a lie. My wife knows that is a lie."

Andrade claimed doctors found no evidence of abuse when his wife went to the hospital, and he said he did not understand what his wife wanted to gain by testifying against him.

"I have principals. I'm Catholic. I believe in God," Andrade said. "I just want to make clear, that is important to me, I have never forced anyone to do anything."

Andrade also refused to sign the standard sex offender paperwork following sentencing. Hill, however, was not swayed.

"I see no reason the jury verdict is not accurate," Hill said to Andrade. "Your particular arrogance has brought you here today."

Hill sentenced Andrade to just over 56 years in prison on 11 counts, ordered $447.14 in restitution be paid for his wife's medical expenses and imposed a suspended $1,000 fine for each count.


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