Next month is the 10th anniversary of an event now known as 9/11, and an event is scheduled in Hermiston to remember that moment in American history.

The “10th Year 9-11 Anniversary Remembrance” will run from 6-7:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, at the Hermiston Conference Center, and according to coordinator Laurie S. Ball-Kiser, the ceremony will recognize the events of Sept. 11, 2001, what has happened in the last decade and what is expected in the future.

“Every year I think we need to remember everyone who gave thier lives on 9/11 or who died because of 9/11,” she said Wednesday. “The people who died because of 9/11, they are no less heroes, and they need to be remembered along with those who died on that date.”

Ball-Kiser ran the community’s one-year anniversary celebration as well. Although churches and organizations have hosted 9/11 events over the past decade, Ball-Kiser said the 2011 event is the first community memorial since the one-year anniversary.

“Ten years ago, people were really angry. They were upset, they were shocked, they were wondering what happened. They were grieving,” she said. “I think since they cleared out Ground Zero, we have forgotten. I think this gives us a chance to remember. It will also give us an opportunity to teach and talk about it with our children who might not have been old enough to understand what happened.”

The event will include speakers, music performances and recognition of those with local connections who died during or because of the Sept. 11 attacks. Anyone with information about other individuals who have a connection both with this local area and the New York events can contact Ball-Kiser at 541-567-8600 to have a short story and photo included in the event. Photos from Sept. 11, 2001,  will also be displayed.

“These are pictures some of us will remember from that day and that some of us have not seen since,” Ball-Kiser said. Organizers continue to look for people willing to help set up chairs at 1 p.m. that Sunday as well as people willing to hand out programs and work behind-the-scenes during the event. Monetary and in-kind donations are also being accepted.

“We have gotten some donations but not enough,” she said. “If someone can donate even $100, then it would be helpful.”

Donors will have their names listed in the event program.

For more information or to make a donation, call Laurie Ball-Kiser at 541-567-8600.

“My goal with the 10th year remembrance is to share our healing moving forward,” she said. “Ground Zero will always mean 9/11 to me, but there is a time, not to forget, but to move forward.”

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