Jume 14, 1994

A week after Hermiston’s first homicide since the mid-1980’s, investigators still have more questions than answers.

Jose Tigerino Perez, 36, originally of Lubbock, Texas, died from gunshot wounds from a .22 caliber revolver.

John Ralph Crespin, Jr. is in custody at Umatilla County Jail for first-degree murder. He is expected to plead not guilty to that charge at a plea hearing June 20.

Hermiston Police Det. Panfilo Rios said Perez had an address at the Crespin home under an assumed name, presumably to shield himself from outstanding warrants out of Texas.

“I know the family knew Perez, but to what extent, I don’t know,” Rios said.

2) Last Monday’s chase that ended in the death of Joe Perez ran through the halls of Armand Larive Junior High School.

School Principal Shannon Gorham said in a letter to parents that students were kept in their classrooms while Perez and Crespin were in the building. No students had contact with the men.

Nearly all Hermiston Police units available were mobilized as soon as they received word of the chase.


June 12, 1969

A vicious series of widely-spread thunderstorms played havoc around the Hermiston area Saturday night and again Monday evening, leaving a trail of heavy crop and property damage and disrupted utility services.

Accompanied by pelting rain, blinding lightning and deafening thunder, the storms tested old timers’ memories to recall when more fury had been released for so long.

Residents had barely recovered from the Saturday weather upheaval when another devastating storm followed on its heels, bringing new misery and undoing what had been cleaned up from the first blow.

An irrigation ditch broke at the Joe Ramos Echo area ranch Saturday from flood water and debris sweeping down a draw. The canal was repaired Sunday but the deluge Monday again took it out.

Like on many area farm lands, Ramos lost grain and hay fields. Flooding of homes, farm and business buildings was a common experience throughout the district.

Extensive storm-caused damage to the James McRae home, two miles west of Irrigon, resulted Saturday night when it was struck by lightning, setting it afire.


June 15, 1944

A number of German prisoners of war are now stationed at the Stanfield CCC camp, under the command of Lt. Harlan M. Bones of the Military Police. The men this week began work in the Smith Pea Cannery in Pendleton. Other German prisoners of war are working the pea harvest at Athena.

The Herald was given the following information Wednesday by Bones:

“The camp at Stanfield is under the close guard of the Military Police Corps. Most of the men of this guard are highly trained men in this line of work, with several of them having seen actual service in the present war.

“The moral of the P/W’s is very high in this camp and they all tell the same story of liking this country and the people that they have come in contact with. This camp is very fortunate in having as the German Sgt./Major a non-commissioned officer of the old German army, who handles all of the little troubles that arise in this type of camp.”


June 14, 1919

At the annual school meeting on Tuesday, the voters of Districts No. 8, 14, 112 and 115 will have the privilege of voting on the question of creating a Union High School, composed of the four districts mentioned above.

This is considered a very important move for the patrons of these districts. Practically all of the high school pupils of these districts attend the Hermiston high school at this time, but the management is entirely in the hands of the Hermiston school board. Under the Union High School plan, the board will be composed of a member from each of the districts, giving each district representation.

2) The strike of the telegraphers belonging to the Postal Telegraph Co. that went into effect all over the country Wednesday has to some extent interfered with the Associated Press reports.

Pendleton reports the walkout of one operator in the Western Union office there. The Portland offices also reported being tied up more or less.

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