Regency Hermiston Nursing and Rehab Center

Regency Hermiston Nursing and Rehab Center in Hermiston has been linked to 99 COVID-19 cases and 14 deaths, according to the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly update on Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2020.

Umatilla and Morrow counties didn’t add any new workplaces to the Oregon Health Authority’s weekly list of COVID-19 outbreaks for Wednesday, Sept. 2.

Some worksites, such as Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution and Two Rivers Correctional Institution, had an increase in cases, but other locations did not add any new cases or were officially removed from the list after going more than 30 days with no new cases linked to the site.

Umatilla County Health Department’s daily COVID-19 report for Sept. 2 reported nine new confirmed cases, and listed eight hospitalizations for the day.

The Oregon Health Authority report, published each Wednesday, includes a list of workplaces with at least 30 employees that have had at least five cases of COVID-19 linked to them, either through employees testing positive or confirmed cases being traced back to those employees as the most probable source.

The following are Umatilla and Morrow county workplaces on OHA’s Sept. 2 list of current workplace outbreaks:

  • EOCI (Pendleton), 264 cases
  • Lamb Weston (Hermiston), 184
  • Regency Hermiston Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Hermiston), 99
  • Shearer’s Foods (Hermiston), 69
  • Walmart Distribution Center (Hermiston), 61
  • Lamb Weston East (Boardman), 58
  • TRCI (Umatilla), 58
  • Walmart (Hermiston), 55
  • Atkinson Staffing (Hermiston), 55
  • Columbia River Processing (Boardman), 39
  • Good Shepherd Medical Center (Hermiston), 38
  • Lamb Weston Pac Center (Boardman), 38
  • Hill Meat Company (Pendleton), 34
  • Smith Frozen Foods (Weston), 33
  • McDonald’s (Hermiston), 33
  • Lamb Weston West (Boardman), 27
  • Columbia Basin Onion (Hermiston), 26
  • Independent Transport (Boardman), 23
  • Port of Morrow Warehousing (Boardman), 21
  • Threemile Canyon Farms (Boardman), 20
  • MJ’s Labor Services (Hermiston), 19
  • River Point Farms (Hermiston), 18
  • Oregon Potato Company (Boardman), 17
  • Ashley Manor (Hermiston), 13
  • Home Depot (Hermiston), 10
  • J&J Snack Foods (Weston), 9
  • Keystone RV Company (Pendleton), 9
  • Columbia River Dairy (Boardman), 7
  • Pacific Ag (Hermiston), 7
  • Garrett Packing Company (Milton-Freewater), 6
  • Dairy Queen (Hermiston), 5

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