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Stanfield citizens ask to increase pressure on 3D Idapro

Stanfield still looking at ways to put pressure on pet food plant
By Jayati Ramakrishnan

Staff Writer

Published on August 9, 2018 10:52AM

The city of Stanfield is still trying to figure out what to do about the smell.

At the council meeting on Tuesday, a few residents showed up to find out how to deal with the odors still coming from the 3D Idapro plant, which processes potatoes to make dog food.

The plant has received near-daily citations, the cost of which range between $0 and $2,000 per occurrence. The city has to receive complaints from at least four separate households in a 12-hour period to levy a citation.

In discussions about how to put pressure on the company, one option citizens considered was no longer accepting donations from the business.

City manager Blair Larsen said the company contributed $5,000 to new playground equipment at Bard Park. There is a temporary sign thanking all the donors, including 3D Idapro.

“We had a motion that we don’t accept any more donations and a motion to remove the sign and any sign with their name on it,” Larsen said. “But the staff perspective was that it would be improper to do that unless we also give the money back.”

The council considered, and said at this time they did not want to return the money and remove the signs.

Carlos Chavez, a Stanfield resident, said he felt the fines were helping.

Larsen said he heard the citations were close to $1,000 now.

“People want the fines increased quicker or maxed out,” he said.

“I spoke to the judge two weeks ago,” Larsen said. “I made her aware of everything said at the public meeting (last month).”

Larsen said while 3D Idapro has been trying to get the city a meeting with the company’s executives, it wouldn’t change the citation process.

“The only other option is if the city wants to take action — a lawsuit,” Larsen said. But he said the general consensus at the last meeting was that citizens did not want to do so.


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