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Hermiston police looking for burglary suspect

Greene suspected of burglary of truckloads worth of items

Hermiston Herald

Published on April 12, 2018 4:19PM

Hermiston Police have recovered several pickup loads full of stolen property, and are looking for a suspect in those thefts. Items recovered include personal items, furniture, and military ordnance.

Officers are looking for Russell Scott Greene Jr., 36, of Hermiston, who they believe is involved in the crimes. So far, officers have identified eight burglary victims.

“As of right now, Mr. Greene is who we are looking for, however it is quite possible he may have many accomplices working with him since we are talking about such a large number of items,” said Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston in an email.

Edmiston said so far, officers have recovered five truck loads from a home on Northwest 12th Avenue, one large U-Haul load, and minor property, all from different locations where stolen property was stored.

On April 9, officers searched Dun Rollin Trailer Court on West Jennie Avenue, which Greene has been known to frequent, and found a stolen bicycle, auto parts, jewelry, tools and boxes that matched those reported stolen from a storage unit in the previous month.

After receiving a tip on April 5 that stolen property was being stored on Northwest 12th Street, officers found five pickup loads of stolen property at the location, and found there were two storage units in Umatilla with more stolen property.

Officers got a search warrant for the Umatilla storage unit where property had previously been reported stolen and seized several truckloads of stolen items, including electronics, furniture, sporting goods, clothes, tools, and auto parts.

They also recovered military ordnance in the storage unit, such as anti-tank rounds. Those items were inspected by Oregon State Police bomb technicians, and some were found to be harmless. Others could not be verified through a visual inspection or x-rays.

The police department urges anyone with a storage unit in the area to check their unit to see if any of their belongings have been stolen.


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