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LETTER: McLeod-Skinner for Congress

Published on October 9, 2018 6:09PM

I am writing this letter to you in support of Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress.

We need new ideas and new blood in this very important position. The present congressman has for a very long time not been responsive to the voice of the people and their needs. The latest attempt in leading the charge to do away with The Affordable Car Act is a case in point. Thousands of Oregonians have signed onto this healthcare insurance and it is keeping their financial boat afloat. So many have the prospect of bankruptcy if they are not covered with health insurance when a health problem arises and hospital stays and even minor surgeries are needed.

There was no new legislation to replace this healthcare lifeline that so many families depend on, so they would have been without the protection. Students are covered up until age 26, pre-existing conditions are covered. These are only a few among many other helps built in to the Affordable Care Act.

The present congressman has had 20 years to prove himself to the people, so far he has failed in that endeavor. As President Trump says, let’s clear the swamp. It’s time for a new Congress!

Vote Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress.

Janet Beitel



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