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LETTER: Murdock has vision for county

Published on May 8, 2018 6:09PM

Vision comes with many different definitions, but the constant is it is never stationary. Umatilla County Commissioner George Murdock has, during his term as Umatilla County Commissioner, been able to express his vision. It is clear that his vision for Umatilla County comes into focus through listening, research and reasoning. His vision for Umatilla County is grounded in reality yet broad enough to know our future is of brave exploration of opportunities unrealized.

One of the examples is the lead that Commissioner Murdock took in the establishment of the Umatilla County Charter Review Committee (Disclosure: I am a member) to examine the nuts and bolts of how Umatilla County government works and to explore suggestions, if necessary, to move forward. Not a highlight reel or headline committee task, but one of vision and building on foundations built.

Although Commissioner Murdock and I do not always agree, his honesty, sincerity and above all “vision” has earned my full support and excitement for his re-election to the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners.

Dan Dorran



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