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LETTER: Community stepped up with lost dog

Published on May 8, 2018 6:09PM

While traveling last October, at Biggs Junction we discovered to our horror that our dog, Vinnie, was missing. We thought he must have gotten out at the rest stop at Boardman. As it turned out, we lost him at Biggs Junction. He was found by kind people at the grain elevators there last week. He is now home!

The reason for this letter is that we were bowled over by the kindness and help from the community of Boardman and Morrow County. The dispatcher, police officers and many individuals took an interest in our lost dog. When we recount our misadventure, we tell how people searched, put up posters, contacted us and really sustained us for the six months Vinnie was missing.

We thank you with all our hearts. You are an amazing community!

James and Laurie Blazich

Somerset, California


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