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LETTER: Vote Walden out

Published on April 10, 2018 7:09PM

Greg Walden, vote him out, why, you ask, he led the way to cut out HEALTHCARE for 8 million people. Let’s not allow this congressman to choose party over people one more election cycle!

He supported supposed “tax reform” legislation, that as we know has and will continue to give extreme tax breaks to the rich forever. 670,000 Oregonians that use state and local deductions will no longer have that option, they will be paying up to $2,800 more per household. Households with incomes of $75,000 will pay $1,200 more this year, 2018. Any tax breaks stop for middle class families after ten years and some have none at all. The press asked for an explanation of allowing these deductions to go away without any challenge, Greg Walden did not answer them even when the governor wrote to him.

Let’s not let outside money win this election, let’s drain the swamp. 19 years of this kind of treatment is enough. Let’s vote in new folks that really will represent “we the people’s” best interest.

Jan Beitel



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