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LETTER: Potholes need fixed

Published on April 10, 2018 7:09PM

I am writing to say the new street lamps on Main Street look VERY nice. And the downtown renovations will be another boost, once complete, for the revitalization efforts. I wholeheartedly agree with upgrading and making things look nice but what I do not understand is while these are cosmetically pleasing changes, why don’t we spend money where it is NEEDED?

I wonder how many people who voted on these changes have driven on E.Newport Avenue between 5th & 6th Street? Or on S. 6th Street between E. Newport & E. Hurlburt? I drive them daily and have to play “dodge the potholes” each and every time. If a police officer were behind me I am sure I would be pulled over for the swerving.

You should pay for a NEED before you pay for a WANT.

Cindy Storie



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