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LETTER: Habitats are being destroyed

Published on February 6, 2018 7:02PM

How much is enough? Regarding the newly-cleared area upstream from Riverfront Park and under the West Highland bridge: there was plenty of room, near the bridge, for entering the small area that used to belong to Oregon Fish & Wildlife, for parking, and for a new path to extend under the bridge west into the downstream park areas; even already in place, a put-in/take-out area for rafters. Who decided to slash and burn the entire area upstream to the boundary? Such a small area that could have been left wild!

Public parks need the wild areas too. Clearing and burning that small upstream area changed it forever. You destroyed a red fox den with kits due soon. You cleared out and burned a number of California quail shelters, burned and cleared grazing areas for herds of mule deer and white-tails. You destroyed nesting sites along the banks that dozens of mergansers and wood ducks used for longer than any of us can remember. I know, because the neighbors along Quick Road have watched all that activity and protected it from human encroachment for at least 80 years! Just how much is enough?

Janet Boyd



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