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COURTS: Nov. 1, 2017

Published on November 1, 2017 3:00AM


PENDLETON — The following sentences have been imposed in Umatilla County courts:


•Nicolas Eloy Pando, 38, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Assault II-domestic violence: sentenced to 70 months Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC), 3 years post-prison supervision, $4,705 fine-suspended and restitution to be determined; pleaded guilty to Unlawful Use of Weapon: sentenced to 19 months Oregon DOC, 2 years post-prison supervision and $200 fine; pleaded guilty to Criminal Mischief I: sentenced to 12 months Oregon DOC, 1 year post-prison supervision and $200 fine; pleaded guilty to Strangulation, two counts of Menacing and two counts of Attempt to Commit Class C/Unclassified Felony: sentences discharged; pleaded no contest to Interference With Making Report: sentenced to 1 year jail and $100 fine; pleaded no contest to two counts of Harassment: sentenced to 6 months jail for each count.


•Eduardo Venegas, 25, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to DUII: sentenced to 1 year probation and enrollment in Diversion Program; pleaded guilty to Recklessly Endangering Another Person: sentenced to 90 days driver’s license suspension (sentence to discharge).

Suits Filed

PENDLETON — The following suits have been filed in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Credits Inc. vs. Jessica and Ricardo Reyes of Hermiston: seeks $1,760.32.

•Credits Inc. vs. April M. and Brian Davis of Hermiston: seeks $4,862.14.

•Credits Inc. vs. Armando Munoz Jr. of Hermiston: seeks $4,693.53.

•Credits Inc. vs. Kenneth L. Givens of Irrigon: seeks $6,820.69.

•Discovery Bank vs. Rebecca M. Boothroyd of Hermiston: seeks $1,955.36.

•Bank of America N.A. vs. John A. McAllister of Hermiston: seeks $4,053.76.

•Norman H. Schroth of Umatilla vs. Joanna G. Schroth: seeks $413,718.33.

•Daniel Tige Midkiff and Michelle Lee Midkiff of Hermiston vs. Ace Landscaping of Walla Walla: seeks $7,305.99.

•Discover Bank vs. Candice Carlson of Umatilla: seeks $2,927.12.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. William Engblom: seeks $1,236.41.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. April Auld: seeks $1,377.29.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Marcus Luke: seeks $897.39.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Rachel Miller: seeks $3,211.56.

•Credits Inc. vs. Casey McClure of Boardman: seeks $679.69.


PENDLETON — The following judgments have been rendered in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•LVNV Funding LLC vs. Susan Keizur of Hermiston: judgment for $389.67.

•Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Jessica L. Reyes of Hermiston: judgment for $1,439.73.

•Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Martha Hernandez of Milton-Freewater: judgment for $1,948.38.

•HAPO Community Credit Union vs. Shawn T. White of Hermiston: judgment for $9,548.71.

•Ray Klein Inc. vs. Ian Davis of Umatilla: judgment for $2,209.27.


PENDLETON — Divorce decrees were signed in Umatilla County Courts for:

Jacqualine Doris Herrera and Robert Lee Herrera of Hermiston.


PENDLETON — Marriage licenses have been registered in Umatilla County for:

Quinton Jeffrey Grogan, 24, and Lindsay Marie Cutsforth, 24, both of Stanfield.

Alonso Guardado Ramirez, 22, and Patricia Ambriz Bolanos, 21, both of Hermiston.

Mark Charles Keith, 47, and Jennifer Jill Armstrong, 46, both of Umatilla.

Sergio Kamille Mauri, 27, of Umatilla and Randell Lee Mauri, 56, of The Dalles.

Eddie Terrell Scott, 20, of Pendleton and Maja Marie Smith, 19, of Hermiston.


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