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BIRTHS: April 11, 2018

Published on April 11, 2018 3:00AM

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

MARCH 29, 2018

GRAJEOLA — Lluly Gaspar and Noe Grajeola of Hermiston: a boy, Mateo Grajeola.

MARCH 31, 2018

MAGANA — Brandi Sullivan and Alex Magana of Hermiston: a boy, Xavius Demitri Magana.

APRIL 2, 2018

GOLDIE — Maxine S.J. Goldie and Dustin W. Goldie of Hermiston: a girl, Kendalynn Jean Goldie.

St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

MARCH 29, 2018

NORMAN — Melinda Walchli-Norman and Levi Norman of Hermiston: a girl, Oaklyn Reign Norman.


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