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BIRTHS: Nov. 8, 2017

Published on November 8, 2017 4:00AM

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

OCt. 25, 2017

MARTIN — Aimee Emery and Samuel Martin of Heppner: a girl, Aria Anne Martin.

OCT. 27, 2017

PEARCE — Ashley D. Pearce and Drew H. Pearce of Hermiston: a boy, Cobern Jesse Pearce.

MEIERS — Carmelita Morrison and Ryan Meiers of Boardman: a girl, Calleigh June (CJ) Meiers.

OCT. 28, 2017

VANNETT — Megan T.D. Gering and Shaun M. Vannett of Hermiston: a girl, Hadleigh Rayne Vannett.

St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

OCT. 28, 2017

DYNES — Lacy D. Dynes and Luke A. Dynes of Hermiston: a girl, Addison Rose Dynes.


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