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Published on April 19, 2017 7:11AM

Private investment follows public investment.

This is true with infrastructure.

This is true with educational facilities.

The Erie Canal opened the early American frontier.

The Transcontinental Railroad unified the nation.

The Interstate Highway system gave access to markets.

Rural electrification brought light and energy to a world that labored in darkness.

Irrigation systems increased food production.

Telecommunications systems facilitated the flow of information.

Educational facilities open the frontier of the mind of a child. Schools are where the sharing ideas bring people together and provide access to concepts that were previously unknown. School teachers bring light and energy to the ignorant and benighted. Classroom instruction increases the productive capacity of individuals who can choose to become part of a well informed workforce.

Prosperity is directly connected to an informed populace.

I’m voting for the Hermiston School Bond because there is no better public investment than schools, no greater return on investment than learning, and no better way to insure private investment than through a well educated workforce.

Kim B. Puzey

Hermiston, Oregon


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