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Umatilla County, Hermiston negotiate agreement for EOTEC split

- Umatilla County will have invested more than $6 million by 2022

Umatilla County adds funding to improve mental health, addiction services for jail inmates

- Drug court resurrection also in works, will operate between conviction and sentencing

Locals get primer on immigration rights


Do Dreamers have to worry about deportation from the United States? Do undocumented immigrants have constitutional rights?

Members of the Walla Walla Immigration Rights Coalition answered those and other tricky que...

Local legislators talk about what they’re pitching in 35-day session

- Short session provides tight fit for big proposals

Umatilla County embarks on overdue charter review


Umatilla County is past due for a review of its home rule charter, the document that establishes the form and functions of county government. The county is working to remedy that.

The charter requires a committee o...

Local felon in jail for burglary at undersheriff’s home


Local offender Dylan Lieght Russell is back behind bars after the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office arrested him Dec. 17 for burglary and theft. The victim was Undersheriff Jim Littlefield and his family.